April 15, 2010

Getting to the audio is still a little unsettling for me.  Phil showed me Audacity where I can record my own voice and potentially use it for anything I need. Plus it runs on any standard Windows operating system.  Now it seems straight forward but I do feel a bit weird recording my own voice and putting it on my site. The only thing I could think about doing with it is to record myself reading out loud each poem. Since each one of the authors is of a different nationality I thought I might try to read each one in the adequate accent and post it. But as I said, I’m a little conflicted about the whole notion. I might try to just use already existing audio files and link them to my source. I’m still not too sure about it but I will make a decision soon.
Audacity can be downloaded easily onto any computer but since my PC is still fried, I need to figure out a way to do all the recordings on campus somewhere.
There’s also the option of linking each image to a video in which each respective writer has a specific poem read out loud by a user. 
It’s still a little hazy but I’m getting there. It will be done soon.


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