Section 2 woes

April 8, 2010

I think after much contemplation and after taking Dr. Kearney’s feedback into account, I will make some serious changes in Section 2. First, I think that targeting the page to the mainframe was a wrong choice. It would’ve made more sense to do it if I had chosen only two images instead of three. This way they are
compressed and the distance between them is anything but symmetrical.

Second, putting the title of each image beneath the image leaves very little room for the text to actually spread out. In the case with Poe in overlaps with the title and it just looks ridiculous. There are two ways I think I will change it. 1) Either I place the titles above each image or, 2) I get rid of the Poe poem altogether and leave Shakespeare and Yeats alone. The initial idea to begin with was to give small snippets from each of the authors that I felt were indicative of their writing styles. Considering that Poe’s essence finds full expression almost exclusively through his short stories and not through his poems (with the exception of The Raven which is too long to put on the page) I don’t think it’s critical to keep him on.  So, I may consider getting rid of him.

The images, which I have yet to collect entirely, have enough white-space at the bottom of each frame.
In addition I thought of linking key phrases from within the works to scholarly commentaries I found on the net. Since we’re dealing with poetry I thought that bringing forth interpretations of different scholars might be insightful; and above all it’s also collaborative. I have the sources; all I need now is to create the apDivs to each relevant sentence.

So far, these are the main issues I have with the page.


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